Crazy Things Vol. 2

Well, It Happened Okay, belles & beaus, First thing this morning, I didn't have a blog post planned for today. Second thing this morning, I'm not exactly feeling like 100 percent because female problems. Now if you have issues with me phrasing it this way, you can just click out of the blog right now [...]


Crazy Things

I Sometimes Do Them Okay, Belles & Beaus, I have a tendency to do things without completely thinking them through logistically. No, I did not go and order a $500 camera for Vlogging when I have nowhere to film fun videos, stream on youtube, or am doing anything interesting currently. I swear I’m not going [...]

#PiDayFriday Freebie!

I know! A double post today! Exciting! Okay to make a long story short, the Nashville Area Alumnae Chapter (NAAC) has recently started a new AOII hashtag called Pi Day Friday. The idea was started by the wonderful NAAC President, Brandi Nunnery, who was inspired by a Zeta sister that she works with. They all [...]