Style by Lauren Conrad

One of Her Three Guide Books Okay, belles & beaus, I had no plans for this to end up being one of my posts this week but here we are and I can actually admit I finished reading this in two days. I devour books now, y'all. I don't know how my appetite will ever [...]

What’s In My Bag?

Are These Posts/Videos Still Going? Hey Belles & Beaus! Okay so I'm not even sure if these are actually still a thing? Are they? Are they not? I don't know but here we are! I wanted to do this when I got my vlogging camera and got to start doing that but that's probably not [...]

Outfit of the Day

#OOTD Founders' Day Edition So today is the day of the Founders' Day Brunch and I have prepared a look into my look for the day!  I know this is an early morning post, but I figured it would be a good happy for people to wake up to. I wanted to go really simple [...]