Life Update Vol.79

Well, Here We Go Happy Monday, Belles & Beaux! I hope y'all had an amazing weekend. I know that I definitely have with everything that I've been up to over the weekend. But I always have crazy weekends and I'm ready to go home to visit my mom and Miss Katherine at the end of [...]


Life Update Vol. 77

It's Still A Monday Thing! Happy Monday, Belles & Beaux! We're heading into this week with this short little thing because I wanted to save my book review and date story for later in the week. So you are stuck with this little bit until then. This last week has been a little crazy and [...]

Life Update Vol. 76

It’s A Crappy Story Happy Monday,  Belles & Beaux! I figured I owed y’all an explanation as to why I’ve been gone the last few weeks. Things got crazy and I honestly got in super weird funk where I didn’t feel like writing. It happens. It’s never intentional. And I’ve honestly missed writing a lot [...]

Life Update Vol. 75

It's Been A While Happy Fri-Yay, Belles & Beaux! I haven't done one of these since March, so I figured it was about time to do one again. So where to start? I have thoroughly been enjoying my new job. It really lets me work with my need for attention to detail and I'm feeling [...]

Life Update Vol. 74

Hello Weekend!!! Happy Friday, Belles & Beaux! I figured since I've essentially been at my new job for a month that it was time for a life update. Plus, I've really been missing a detailed life chat in all honesty, but I think I like spreading them out a little bit like this. I'm loving [...]

Life Update Vol. 73

News, Glorious News Happy Monday, Belles & Beaux! I wanted to wait before sharing this most recent life update just because A) I've been super stressed thus the reason I've been MIA and B) I wanted to have everything be worked out before sharing because then I'm not feeling like I'm jinxing my life again because for [...]

Life Update Vol. 70

Faire Weekend Hey, Belles & Beaux! Hello to Monday and being a few days away from my favorite holiday.  Halloween is Wednesday and I'm so excited, even if I'm not going to get trick or treaters. This weekend was not long enough, but I think that's how I feel about every weekend. There was no [...]

Life Update Vol. 67

I'm A Jumbled Mess Hey, Belles & Beaux! Sunday was the day of premiers. The new season of Doctor Who premiered at 12:45pm central. It was absolutely amazing, and I'm so excited to get to fully watch this season along side The Walking Dead. Speaking of the latter, Sunday night's premier had me going crazy. I literally [...]

Life Update Vol. 66

"Yay, internet!" She said. But not sarcastically. Praise the lord, Belles & Beaux! I finally have internet and TV in the apartment. It's also officially October so the new blog icon is up for Halloween! And no, it is not too early. Not that having internet now does me much good currently because as you're reading [...]