I Have One of Those Now Hey, belles & beaus! So I don’t think this counts as a life update post because it’s really not one. I just wanted to talk about my cute new little bunch of plants at my desk. Yes, I mean succulents. Perks of work I guess. A lot of people [...]


Style by Lauren Conrad

One of Her Three Guide Books Okay, belles & beaus, I had no plans for this to end up being one of my posts this week but here we are and I can actually admit I finished reading this in two days. I devour books now, y'all. I don't know how my appetite will ever [...]

Life Update Vol. 36

Y'all, The Weekend Was Crazy Hey, belles & beaus! I wasn't here much last week mainly because my brain was going a million different directions. Between the snow and ice we got down here to running around downtown Nashville and then all of Nashville over the weekend, I legit slept like a baby last night [...]

Nashville Vol. 1

AKA NashVegas I'm gonna be honest, belles & beaus, I'm probably the only person who calls it NashVegas, but who cares? And if you can't tell, this is a completely unplanned post. I had no intentions of putting a post out today because I'm brain dead. Right now, Nashville - my home away from home - [...]

Life Update Vol. 35

Y'all I'm Done With This Weather Hey, Belles & Beaus! So I'm not going to lie. I'm so sick of this weather we're having here in the South. It sucks. It's snowing. Last Friday we had ice and I was all but pushed out of the building at work. Most everyone didn't come in on [...]

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation

Another Foundation Review?! Belles & Beaus, this is definitely a first impressions post. Yet again one of my favorite YouTubers (leighannsays) has set me off on another foundation to try, but this time it's a drugstore brand! As you all know from my chronicling here on the blog, I've been having a problem with my [...]